What to Expect?

What to Wear?

- I find the best approach to capturing your image is to keep the clothing simple and less distracting. Stripes and strong patterns in bold colors make a big statement and can distract from your portrait. Soft neutral and pastel colors work great for beach shoots. You can be matchy-matchy or not, as long as the clothing color scheme goes together. Think jeans, khakis and soft neutral compliments. Park locations tend to have a strong green influence from the grass and are highlighted by other earth tones, trees, flowers, sky. Keep clothing within the earth tone family and try to stay away from bright primary colors that can overpower a photo. Think earth toned bottoms and tops. Most importantly, wear clothing you are comfortable with, you can move easily in and that make you feel beautiful.

What to Bring?

- Bring water and if there are young children a small snack can often prompt big smiles (nothing messy like chocolate and candy). A small toy can also help keep little ones happy during the session. I will bring with me a blanket for sitting shots. If you have one you prefer feel free to bring it.

When is my Payment Balance Due?

- Your session fee is due on or before the shoot in the form of cash.

When to Arrive?

- On time. Your photos feature the use of natural light. This is planned around the time of day we decide for your appointment. Arriving late can cause us to miss that light.

I Have More Questions

- Feel free to reach me at (954) 536-2764 with any questions you have.